Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen and Boys and Girls may I present to you the new Law that is known to define, control and explain all the randomness of the hermeneutics of the post-industrial society influenced by the conscious collapse of the hyper-structures that were formed in a pre-postmodernist era. .... The Burphys Law.

Official definition: "If you are really craving to have a Burphy, then it will be right in front of you but you would not have any cash in your pocket. Even if at that point of time you Best-est-est friend happens to meet you, he would ahve forgotten his wallet at home."

If there is any situation in which u feel that this theory has failed you must realize that it is the inability of your teeni-meeni brain to comprehend and/or appreciate the Truth.

It was merely chance I could beautifully "see " this theory during a research that I was doing. (Doesnt that remind me of the discovery of Microwaves?? ;) )


Nithya N said...

i've experienced it more than many times and not just with burphy. so i completely understand "the law"

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

Thats the point , the laww is valid always..

That is one step closer to the ultimate truth.. I already feel spiritually hellivated ;)

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