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This is a must see video:

Channel 4 - Dispatches (June 2009) - Terror in Mumbai from Mskadu on Vimeo.

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I haven't seen many fine Mathematicians become journalists. But then I do not expect the latter to integrate 4th order equations, I just hope that they look a little more closely at what they publish- maybe plug-in a few numbers here and there.

Refer the post in TOI.

Amongst the first things I noticed about this post is that it relies heavily on statistics and numbers. This strengthes my case all the more.

Surely, India's whopping population does not suggest that ours is a sexually abstinent country.

Population has a lot to do with sex. To increase population people need to have sex.
But the question here is that how much does sex have to do with population. Lets look at some numbers here:
Lets say the population of the country in generation x is 200 Mn
Now for the population to become 1 Billion in the x+1th generation each person needs to have 5 kids. i.e. each couple has 10 children.
(Note that a population increase of 5 times in 1 generation is a very steep increase)

Now 10 children is NOT a lot of sex. Statistically, the chance of conceiving in any random intercourse is 18%. Which means every 5.5 intercourses produces 1 kid.

Therefore to get 10 kids per couple all we need is 55 intercourses during the lifetime. Now that is really not very a pretty number considering by global standards having sex 3-4 times a week is very normal.

The point here is not Indian do not have sex. The point is that we are not really a society of hypocrites. The exact same line of reasoning that I debunked is used very frequently even by the, so called, renowned people on shows like "we are the people" too.

More on the same article a little later.