1 comments Friday, June 26, 2009

RTC:Under The Table And Dreaming Couple of things I need to point out. First,I think it is a good thing that the owners of the tea-stall had put their on the seat rather than the ground where the boy was eating. Second, I do not think it is fair to assume that the owners did not put their feet on the ground because a Dalit was sitting there. It is quite possible that they did not want to step in the boy's food therefore they chose to keep their feet on the seat inspite of it being uncomfortable. OR for all you know they were doing the classical Indian palti.A lot of Indians sit in the 'palti' position while eating their meals no matter how uncomfortable it is. Going by the looks of the picture they tea stall owners look below middle class and somewhat rural- The 'palti' thus gains weight. Having said that I need to point that I do find this picture quite discomforting and have very little respect for the 2 men on the table for treating the little kid they way they are. P.S:- I intend to put this mail and your reply(if any) on my Blog. Let me know if you are not OK with that. Blogva ki Jai Ho!! Blogger Bhaiyya