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The sudden upsurge of the tens of websites entirely dedicates to helping you find ....

"And a lot more" ..

As Desi Martini's advertisement claims.

The sudden ubiquity of these websites is hardly surprising, considering the unmeasurable success of Orkut.(Do you remember hoe DesiMama, DesiChacha sprang up right along with DesiBabas popularity) What actually surprises me is the people who have been innovative enough to come up with copies of orkut. Agreed, they do have one functionality or the other that orkut doesn't support for instance, myspace allows you to blog along with the main thing. But, from any standards these websites are perfectly failed business models.

1. Most of these new websites have a weird / cluttered / confusing / cumbersome Welcome page. It takes a considerable number of days to get acquainted with the main page itself.BTW, I could not figure out how to access any other functionalities .

2. There is no reason what-so-ever for any one to migrate to these new websites. That is exactly why they try cheap techniques to increase their database.

Like : Flixter tries .....

XXXXX has sent you a private message
From: XXXXXX (messages@flixster.com)
You may not know this sender.

Just a reminder - click here to read your message from XXXXXX:


What is Flixster?
Flixster is a free site that lets you share movie ratings with friends and meet other people with similar movie taste. Its also got tons of videos, quizzes, photos, actor profiles and such. You should check it out.

3. Why would anyone, who is not even associated with the IT field, want to challenge Google right on??? I am not trying to say that since Google is doing well no company should come up with any product similar to that of Google. But, if there is a superior product available free of cost then definitely NOT.

4. Most of the young people who form the target audience are already on/ most likely to join(as their friends are on) Orkut. And it makes no sense for any person to connect with the same set of friends on 5 different websites. Unless of course you happen to be one those who likes to sms friends with messages like :

F- Faithful
R- Rabbit-like
I- Intelligent
E- Eternal
N- Naughty
D- Darling

Whatever that means.

Dost tu hi meri manjil hai. Mein tere ko paa kar sab bhula sakta hun.

This one is actually as idotic as the forwards I get.

Now,from what I understand the people who are actually being some of these websites are IIM graduates- Meraspot.com and Reliance ADA - Big Adda.com.

Some how, I personally feel that the people behind these projects are more than just aware of these facts, why else would Desi Martinis hire those females and advertise as they do .. because sex sells. Yes-- friends, dating and a-lot-more. the "a-lot-more" to me is a logical extension of the previous two, which is another way of saying - " Hey Loser!!! Come join our website.. We ll help you get laid". (Isnt that what Adultfriendfinders claims, atleast they are honest about it) .

These sites are analogous to Chinese MUSZIK Systems and other electronic products : no class, no style, weird functionalities , conks out in no time. Although the Chinese counterparts are still acceptable at least they cost a lot less.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I have uploaded the pics on flickr


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U can read the post-heading and go: stale news. I dont care :).

Kya be Ritwik, Ghar chala gaya. Abh Babloo ki absense mein, BB has to handle all the shit, akele.

* If u have any particular dislike for swear words please do not read this post. BB is not responsible for any shit that happens to your brain.

U might ask me: why I did not black out the gaalis. Simple, I d have nothing to publish. :) Some portions of the pics are blacked out to protect privacy.

Also, the girl in question happens to be my sis.

And if u did not know my name is Aman :)

Scene 1: I go to my sis's profile and see the random comments, find them both offensive and stupid. I know its BB-TIME.

Scene 2: I Check out the guys profile. As expected he is a jerk of the highest order. I inform my sister about him.(Not that anyone cares, but I am jobless).

Scene 3: Next morning Mr Kewl has scribbled in my scrapbook . (and he has blocked me from replying, it is definitely BB time).



Scene 4: Next, he has also scribbled something outrageously hillarious in my sis's book .

Scene 5: BB takes charge. ISKI MAA KI.

Since we are at it, u might want to visit:



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M : Do u play cricket???

A : (What sort of a ques it that)Every Indian plays cricket..

M : Except the cricket team.

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If u haven't figured out what I am blogging about read:
1, 2 , 3.

Actually for that matter even the famous "Titanic Pose" could be a cross, or is it the secret conspiracy of the west to take over the east?

kaun kehta hain : aaj kal 2 rupyee mein kya milta hai.

Smart Ass: Somethings are so ridiculous that they end up being funny.

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The Movie - Ta Ra Rum Pum is about Car Racing.

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Recently Amit Varma had written about Victimless crimes. I agreed with him that prostitution should be legalized coz no victims no crimes. However, I disagreed with the logic of applying the same reasoning on Sucides.

My logic was that if a person attempts suicide his/her close ones and relatives are the victims of the act that’s when Zen Babu corrected me. His logic : If I don’t study for my exams my close ones are affected adversely, therefore not studying should also be a crime.

Going by this logic, my wearing a seat-belt or helmet is also a victimless crime. Can I not decide what is right for me: investing Rs150 in a helmet or risking my life??

Do comment.