Wednesday, May 16, 2007

U can read the post-heading and go: stale news. I dont care :).

Kya be Ritwik, Ghar chala gaya. Abh Babloo ki absense mein, BB has to handle all the shit, akele.

* If u have any particular dislike for swear words please do not read this post. BB is not responsible for any shit that happens to your brain.

U might ask me: why I did not black out the gaalis. Simple, I d have nothing to publish. :) Some portions of the pics are blacked out to protect privacy.

Also, the girl in question happens to be my sis.

And if u did not know my name is Aman :)

Scene 1: I go to my sis's profile and see the random comments, find them both offensive and stupid. I know its BB-TIME.

Scene 2: I Check out the guys profile. As expected he is a jerk of the highest order. I inform my sister about him.(Not that anyone cares, but I am jobless).

Scene 3: Next morning Mr Kewl has scribbled in my scrapbook . (and he has blocked me from replying, it is definitely BB time).

Scene 4: Next, he has also scribbled something outrageously hillarious in my sis's book .

Scene 5: BB takes charge. ISKI MAA KI.

Since we are at it, u might want to visit:



Tony Takloo said...

Oh, that fool certainly got the treatment, i see..
I did go through the pictures...ya dumb as they get..
and thx for the comment.

Tony Takloo said...

oh ya, the controlled birth rate in China, my bad..
thx, i'll correct it :))

Tony Takloo said...

as long as its like 30 mins. its alright, hope it does not start dominating the main news, thats just a waste then

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

Also, check out his testis..

OK.. that was TESTIMONIALS.. u cheapo...

kyos said...

lol at pics.... sahi hai bhidu

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

@ kyos : thanx ;)

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