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Clip here.


Clip here.

There are advantages of being vella. :)

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Lest I might have been misunderstood, I would like to clarify my stand on the “Staring Hurts” post.

My putting up the video should not be misunderstood as my support for feminists who would want men to as much as stop looking at their female members of the society.

The reason that I put this video on my blog is that it puts across a good message very well.

@ Prerak:

Staring is not illegal, nor is it wrong. But, as a matter of conscience one must realize that right and wrong are not necessarily the same as legal and illegal. Therefore, even if a person is checking out a really cute chick he must ensure that he does not make the girl uncomfortable.

Of course, what was the need of laws if every person was to act conscientiously. Here comes in the, very valid, point that Ritwik made in the comment section for the same post. (Do read the comment, here)

@ Ritwik:

What separates staring/looking from leering is the intention. Now, that is one thing that cannot be formulized as, say, a factor of time. It is possible to molest a girl in 15 seconds and also to look at the girl for hours together without the least intention to offend her.

Even if such a law does come into place, the practical implications of the law do not seem very bright. Any legal action taken against the offender would never stand a chance. The fact that a person stared at a girl would be a matter of her belief and can never be a fact; the guy could always be staring at something in the same direction. And laws can never work on beliefs they, necessarily, need facts.

And, I haven’t even got into what would happen to cases in the courts.

The legal aspect on staring is unreasonable and more over absolutely impractical, at least, as it presently stands.

Staring is more of a moral issue that should be dealt with by creating awareness and letting people know, exactly what and how they are wrong. I am sure, the problem will not be totally dealt-with but at least there will be more awareness in the public. Maybe after that we can come up with a rational / justifiable and acceptable legal stand.

P.S.: - I know,I should have posted this a lot earlier actually, the long vacation has caught up with me. I have become hopelessly lazy.
Though, I am TRYING to pull my socks up. Hope to post more often. ;)