Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Nithya N said...

too good!! both staring and hurting. ;P

prerak parikh said...

Well, my feeble mind fails to understand one thing..

Is staring = sexual harassment..?

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

@Nithya: Thanks.

@PP: Legally-NO. But, I posted the video for the exact reason. The girl is not being "sexually harassed but then it is cheap and I wouldnt ever do it.

Will post about this soon.

zen babu said...


In Massachusetts, staring for more than 30 seconds is considered sexual harassment. It's a favourite sport of many freewillers who feel this rule is ridiculous to stare at a woman for 29 seconds, if only to prove a point.

Point is, concepts of cheap are not universally defined. What is acceptable street behaviour in Italy will be considered politically incorrect and gender insensitive in a left-liberal American university campus, will be laughed off as a fact of life by many Indian women, and will be considered representaive of the chauvinism inherent in ndian males by some others. There are some acions that are black and white cases, but with something ike staring - there is no way one could make a compelling argument to make it illegal.

That it could still be 'cheap' is something we all know. Ultimately, the point worth pondering is not 'what I would do' - because it doesn't help in creating any common ground. The point worth pondering is - is it possible to have any consensus on this? Is is required to have a systemic recourse against this? If yes, what kind?

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