Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mr. Vijay Mallya,

First of all, my heartiest congratulations to you and the whole of the Kingfisher group for the successful take-over of Air-Deccan.

I am sure that you would have been well aware of the respect/status of Air-Deccan before you decided to strike a deal with the company. Therefore, I have full faith that you would fly the airline to great heights. I am also sure that you would be well aware of your public image as the cool, intelligent and classy business tycoon. Frankly, this particular take-over came more as a shock than a surprise.

I do understand that business decisions of a group cannot be, and should not be, made on the basis of the “public image” of the director of the group. On the other hand, a conflict of the ideologies would definitely be unpleasant and unwarranted.

To make my point limpid, I am bringing to your attention an incident that happened with me. Once I was to fly Air-Deccan and I was not sure of the weight of my baggage. Since the airline is very particular about the not allowing the passengers to exceed the baggage-weight limit, I thought it would be best if I could weigh my baggage, before the baggage-security check. So that in the event of my bag exceeding the prescribed weight-limit I could take a part of it as hand-baggage. I talked to an Air-Deccan representative about this and he politely told me that it would not be possible to check the weight on the Air-Deccan counter as it is very busy at the moment. But, he guided to another empty counter and asked me to weigh my baggage. Fortunately the weight was just 14.5 Kg. I got the baggage-security check done and proceeded to get my boarding pass. What the hell, all of a sudden my bag had become a Kg heavier - the Air-Deccan machine showed my bag’s weight as 15.5Kg. As this was also well in the prescribed limit I chose to happily ignore the situation and I moved-on.

I am pretty sure that this tampering with the weighing system is a deliberate move by the airline, not necessarily with the intention of cheating its customers but more likely to ward of the unnecessary hagglers who would haggle to not pay up for the extra half / one Kg that he would be carrying (but cannot refuse to pay for the extra 2 Kg). The people at the counter are also not very strict about the weight being exceeded by upto1 Kg, which is just fair. What is wrong, although, is that the person who is supposed to pay Rs. 70 for the extra 1kg he is carrying ends up paying Rs140 ( 70 for his baggage and 70 because of the tampering in the machine). The revenue gains by this technique would be minimal and ignorable. And it is definitely unpleasant and cheap.

There are always infinite cheap tactics to make money in every business. What separates the Class from the sadakchaap is whether they choose to follow the tactics or not.

It is sad enough that Indian Auto-wallas tamper their Auto-meters and cheat the public. It would be disgraceful if these tactics are used by the Airlines also.

I hope you look into the matter sincerely.


Aman Jain

P.S:- I have actaully mailed this letter to the kingfisher PR guys. If I recieve any reply i will keep you updated


Nithya N said...

are you sure the first machine worked properly?

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

Not sure as in Dead sure..

But more of the common sense sure..
I am sure no airline would want to weigh the baggage less than what it actaully is..

Blogger Bhaiyya said...


I got a mail from the Air Deccan guys telling me that the machines are AAI certified.

Nithya N said...

like that answers everything!

Blogger Bhaiyya said...


Arunesh said...

Their service is awful. A good percentage of their scheduled flights either gets canceled or delayed. But still, they are doing good business, specially among the middle class. Flying is a lot of people's dream and Air Deccan has made it possible. Air India express is catching up with them as well..

And I don't think Malya is a fool guess he should be having some long term plans.

Aks said...

No mate! You don't count in as an Abad blogger...

kunaal said...

bloody hell i would have loved to be part of this but sadly i get dont travel in aeroplanes..... :(

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

@ Arunesh: I hope for the best..
@ Aks: cool.
@ Kunaal : Believe me u wouldnt love to fly Dhakkan Air. :)

prerak parikh said...

Would it be fair enough to comment just from a single experience with no further knowledge..?

Co-incidences plays role at times.

Who knows that one of the weighing machines might have got crazy at that very moment..?

one more possibility..

infact, a doubt..

don't just popped up in my weird mind..

Does air pressure makes a difference?

chillax..! this one was to chafe u.

well, i's so typical of AIR DHAKKAN, though.

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

yes, air pressure makes a difference and i was farting while weighing my baggage...

i guess that solves it...

If u noticed, my tone throughout the passage was not one of blaming them but more along the lines they are cheap..

prerak parikh said...


there I hit THE BULL'S EYE..

see dude..farting is is absolutely natural, so why din't u specify it in ur post..?

Now tht u have revealed the secret..there are two possibilities..

1) while ur 'farting' is so unlikely that your eyes were at the machine's (second one) LCD..infact, u would have been actually facing the opposite direction, with ur buttocks on the weighing plate; not touching it the probability of ur knowing the actual figure is less.

2) even if u had a glimpse of the LCD while farting by turning ur head 100 degree (right or left) it's crystal clear..


machine 1

baggage = 14.5 kgs (at normal air pressure) --- (1)

machine 2

baggage = 15.5 kgs (at normal air pressure + fart pressure) --- (2)

So, 'THE' fart played a role..

Mystery is solved..!

PS : Hey dude..i'm so bloody 'navra' tht such useless stuff keeps on popping in my feeble mind..Plz don't mind..i know, wht ur actual point is..i can understand ur tone too..check out my last sentence in the previous comment..wasn't tht a supportive one..?

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

i want to kick u you-know-where..

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