Monday, March 19, 2007

So, finally now I have seen KANK (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehana). And also, the truth behind the failure of the movie is Out. Karan Johar said (on Next Gen, Shweta Nanda) :

" The Role was Initially carved out for Kajol, but due to her personal problems she could not do it. Therefore I had to use Rani. If Kajol was in the movie, the conservative Indian audience could have easily figured out the age gap (between Abhi and Kajol)." ---- Good!!! That finally explains why there should have been any marital woes facing the couple. Phew!! at least something about the movie makes sense.

Still I must say :

  1. I hate your movies Karan.
  2. I hate your movies Shahrukh.
  3. I hate your movies Amitabh .. No actually I hate everything about you , Amitabh (except maybe your daughter-in-law to-be). (Coming Soon)
  4. Rani, work out.
  5. Kajol, stop shaking your booty.
  6. Sexy Sam Sexy Sam Bang Bang Bang Bang you Sam !!! : Are NOT, definitely NOT, cool lyrics.Strength :
  7. The only movie in which AB (Abhi, Amitabh CANT act) acted well. BTW, he acted like a retard in Guru. (Insnt that Hidthicks domain???)
  8. Awesome marketing, courtsey Sony : The movie was telecasted the day right after India vs Bangladesh. I would have seen even a Britney and Christina live concert that day. (Ofcourse, that should have been jam-packed with smooches).


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