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Monday, March 26, 2007

The trouble, Ques that one often faces a number of times.
Ek taraf kuan hai aur Ek taraf Kahai.

Taking a decision at the spur of the moment is a must. One decision makes me look like an aggressive, josh-mein-hosh-khone-vaala guy, and the other makes me feel stupid about myself.
You may accuse me of being a phatu or may praise me for doing the obvious. But, that doesn't really help, the guilt feeling (however minimal) does linger around for sometime.

The decision, I take, is usually based on some prejudices, maybe right or wrong. I know any normal girl would not want it happening and would want to oppose it. But most of them have so comfortably reconciled to the fact that it is "normal" enough to even oppose it. And in my case the usual main factor is the look on her face which invariably is I-am-soo-uncomfortable-But-I-am-not-gonna-raise-my-voice, which automatically means I will try and ignore "it" too.

From personal experiences I understand that if women raise their voices in public, at that moment, the public does care of the predator. Ironically most of the men who beat the man would themselves be such perverts, but ofcourse behti Ganga mein to sabh hi haat dhote hain.

In the mean time, I am not going to risk my ass to save urs.
As they say "Bhaiyya Helps those who Help themselves".


zen babu said...

u write well. good content. crisp style. impressive.

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

@ zen.. thnx

zen babu said...

however, the main point of 'bhaiyya helps those who help themselves' is slightly incomplete. what if the girl simply has been socially conditioned to believe that she shouldnt help herself because no one else will ever join her? look, im not saying that u can go and pick up a fight with every guy who you feel is misbehaving with a girl. such a decision takes a lot of constraints - how would u compare with the other guy in a fight, do you have support in terms of friends etc. , what's your mood, how important is the woman in question to you. its just that 'i'll save ur ass only if u try and save urs' is quite non-committal. maybe if you feel secure enough (the other guy is puny or nevous or maybe you have support), you can take a pro-active stand and challenge the guy first. the girl in question may just be encouraged to fight back the next time shit happens.

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

1. Maybe, she will have the courage the next time. Par iss baar to I end up in deep shit, if she backs out or acts stupid.

2. Assuming a similar situation (in terms of those gazillion constraints), my decision will depend on "i will help u if u save urself"

3. Public usually ends up helping the girls agar vo aawaz uthaiye to.
(This is one thing every girl should realize.) Maybe not if she is getting raped (Coz then everyone suspect that rapists might have some weapons or whatever..) but definitely they do jump in, as I say behti ganga mein haat dhone, to help the poor damsel in distress...

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