Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Kya nahin milega:

Random Hypothetical Stories and the kind of i-ll-type-down-all-that-i-do-everyday.

Shayri and Poem of the kind ohh-i-have-soo-much-talent-but-unfortunately-cant-become-famous-so-lets-blog-it.

Roona-Dhoona. My GF left me so i have started to blog. (Waise Dhoona to milega)

The kinda blogs where i will bash every celeb and politician for anything and everything including the fact that he is born human.People..... Ahh I soo love it.... But Naah!! Not again, that to over a blog, BAAD IDEA.

Kya milega:

  1. Sach!!!Sirf Sach. That sounds like Aaj Tak. Probably call that Bhaiyya News.
  2. Mumma Bashing. Yes She will spank every celeb for adopting cheap tactics to get famous.
  3. Reviews: Movie, News sab latest gupshup, filtered.
  4. Hell-ivation Gyan: How to save yourself from the changuls of corrupt babas and the inside stories.
  5. Some theories that will be beyond most of u reading this blog (they wont be necessarily right ), for ur convenience, I shall mark them appropriately.
  6. Random PJs or GCs (Garib Chutkule) scattered evenly all over.

Other than this most of the stories should revolve around:

  1. MCPs -Male Chauvinist Pigs, Need i say more??
  2. FCBs(Female Chauvinist Bitches) : DO NOT (i repeat DO NOT) confuse them with feminists. This refers to everyone who believes that every man at every point of time is looking for avenues to bone women. Yes, this species is not a nuisance at public places, but one occasionally finds them blogging and condemning men for things like breathing or probably even existing.
  3. Conservative Extremists: Evangelists and other Hindu Muslims organisations
  4. Babas with lotsa Dadi Muuch and Stupid Jabber.
  5. Lotsa more random shit around me: Which by the way varies exponentially with distance between a person and the closest IT industry.

USP: This blog is about as much of just-another-blog as Ranamujam was just-another-Mathematician


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