Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Naam: Bhaiyya Blogger

Maa ka Naam ( I am a feminist after-all) : Mumma Blogger

Baap ka Naam : Papa Blogger

Kiss khet ki muli hun:
Born in UP. Brought up in UP, Delhi, Mumbai, Vadodara, Chennai

Kiss Kiss ghat ka asar hai:
Largely influenced by -

  1. U.P. - Yahaan ka khoon hai meri ragon mein. Not much of a typical bhaiyya, but affectionately called "lala" by some relatives.
  2. Dilli (= Punjabi + Bihari + Dilli) - Spent a major chunk of mah life here. Totally love this place.
  3. Amreekii Culture - Yes. All u RSS and Shiv Seniks can throw brickbats at MTV, V, Star Movies for ruining the Indian youth and write stories about the conspiracy by the west to take over India, whatever makes u think I care.

Language: This Blog will largely be in Hinglish with a few Gujarati and Tamil Words yahaan-vahaan.

Present Status: IT engineer working for a leading software firm. This obviously implies u have to bear with my 0 creativity, a sense of humour that is entirely borrowed from the Net that Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V.

Disclaimer : This is a personal blog and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Author. Also, this DOES NOT have any legal validity.


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