Thursday, March 15, 2007

Well again, this one was not queued up. Apologies for that.

zen babu I might not owe my sense of humour entirely to u, but its definitely not the same for the feminist-in-me.

@ Anti-feminist 1 : If u think feminists are men-hating lesbians ... Wake up.
@ Anti-feminist 2 : If u think feminists are
ugly girls who are jealous of their more female counterparts.. Go talk to the Hottest Female, u know, about this maybe she can help you cut the crap.

I was just reading some of the blogs @
blanknoise wondering why, as a society, do we go so wrong ( I choose to not plunge into the History aspect of male chauvinism, will cover that some other time ).

This is about the time when I was around probably 10 years old, a carefree, fun loving kid. I lived in a multi-storied building (Needless to say it had a lift). Now this building happened to entirely occupied by Sarkaari Babus and it was all like a family the everyone-knows-everyone types.

Obviously everyone uses the lift like 20 times a day. It was big enough to accommodate 8-10 people. In one such lift-journey I was going down with a female-friend(N) to play. The journey lasted for about 20seconds(3rd floor to ground floor). Suddenly after stepping out of the lift N started crying inconsolably. I was flummoxed "Kya hua!!! Did you hurt yourself or something??? Kya hua yaar!!"

After a lot of eavesdropping (I am SORRY for that), I learnt that "the majdoor, he was with us in the lift, had done something to N". What that was that "something" I did not understand. Later I did take some friends into confidence to know what, exactly, had happened(I dint want the explicit details).

Today, it is not tough for me to understand the "What".

I do appreciate and respect, the reasons behind their keeping the whole incident under wraps. It is undoubtedly, impossible for me to put myself in place of the girl and understand what she went through. Yet, I must add, had I known the "What" 10 years ago I may have been a lot more cautious, may have prevented some of these incidents from happening, may have appreciated these issues better, may have...

It is essential to involve your brothers and other close friends and to let them know about such incidences. Believe me, it does make a difference.


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