Saturday, April 7, 2007

Why is it that daddajis gyan, more often than not, contradicts any form of teeny-meeny bit of common sense. Seriously yaar, was it like a secret conspiracy of those old men sitting on a cot. Picture this village scene….

Chiraunjilal : Arre Bhai!! Kuch karne ko hi nahi hai !! Saale Benjamin Franklin electricity bhi invent nahin ki (Yeh, our ancestors could see the future)!!Bore ho rahe hain!Kuch masti karte hain yaar! {We are getting bored lets do something}

Gajodhar : Chalo yaar, aane vaali generation ki lagate hain { Lets create a mess for the coming generation}

Chiraunjilal : Aree Gajodhar bhadiya idea hai !! Chalo yaar koi nai “Ancient Therapy” banate hain..{lets make a new Ancient therapy}

Gajodhar: Gajaab Idea diye ho re!!! Majaa aai gava re {Great idea}

The Chinese Equivalent…..

YO: Chin chaun Chuinnn !! kyn Phun

HU: What the hell is he sayin???? Lets come up with Acupressure atleast that ll keep his trap shut for sometime..

Case Study:

Consider a 21 Year old Fit guy. (by fit I mean something like a health freak.).

1 year ago he had a perfect vision. Around that time he joined an IT company.

Now he has a slight eye power and he wants to get that cured.

What could have been the cause of the Eye Power???


You dont need to netwon to put this in place..

“IT industry” therefore “spent a lot of time in front of the computer screen” therefore “poor eye-sight”…………………………..Right????

Obviously yaar, I mean Jacking off doesnt effect ones eye-sight or looking at good chicks doesnt make one go blind (uska badla to agle janam mein dega) or making love makes one go blind..

Or doesn’t it???

Actually that’s what Mr. Acupressure said.

Surprised…..So was I.

I am not challenging the curing power of these “ancient therapies” but I just don’t understand why do the "docs" supplement them with stuff like:

There is a Hole in your head where the cosmic forces converge.
I can send energy all the way to Canada.

Not only does it sound implausible, but it is such a turn off for the prospective patients who have some bit of intelligence..

OK.. now I cant figure out how to end this blog..

So bbye..neend aa rahi ha…


zen babu said...

prateek and u went to some crack's place? what a shame. this guy makes our JRP look good.

Blogger Bhaiyya said...


I dint ques the guys ability to cure....
Maybe the tech will work..
Maybe they wont..

But its worth the effort.. we had nothing to lose.. :)

Blogger Bhaiyya said...


We did not know that Acupressure was also one of the divine-forces-will-energize-ur-balls kinda thing. I personally belived that all that it was about was press point X on ur palm for a month and it should improve your optic nerves.

Nithya N said...

oh the eye-ball you mean! ;)
the fact is our minds are so impregnated with what we called science that questions everything. and do you think our so called "therapists" or "homopathiests" or wtf!soever spend so much time and intelligence seeking explanations? they are all half-barbecued physicians which is why we have to stop pretending like the art of ancient medicine is not yet extinct.

Canary said...

:D damn funny ur posts r!! :)

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

@Nithya : Eye Ball??? ohh... right yaa... thats what I meant ;)

@canary: Thanx.

Armelle said...

Interesting to know.

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