Saturday, December 1, 2007

Remeber our old debate????? The one on the moral aspect of staring??

Surprisingly, in India, staring IS illegal.

This brings us to Question number 2. How do you plan to convict people with staring?

I can foresee a million loop-holes in the practical implementation of the law.

  1. Is this law applicable to cock-eyed men?
  2. What about men wearing shades?
  3. On a more serious note, how do these people actually plan to implement something as amibiguous as this?

God knows...

P.S :- Incase the pic is not clear just click on it. This is the pic i could get.


kunaal said...

welcome back.

one question,
is it illegal to stare if she doesnt know about it?? technically im staring, but she does not i still a criminal???

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

If I steal from your house without you knowing it.. is it illegal???

If a husband cheats on his wife without her knowing is it illegal???

In short, YES...

Either way, incase you are prosecuted for staing at someone I WILL blog in your support :)

kunaal said...

arrey this is diff.
lets look at why staring is illegal..

case 1:
staring is illegal because the person being stared is sexually/mentally/whateverly violated.

if she(lets leave out the 'he' shall we?) feels violated then im a criminal.

case 2:
staring is illegal because i am of bad moral character and it does not matter whether she is violated or not.

case 1 or case 2??

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

The whole comcept of crime/criminal is based on the concept of teh other person being offended...

Incase where the husband cheats his wife withot her knowing is similar to the case in question..

A better example, probably, (I saw this on TV,btw).. There was this feamle salesgirl at a shop. A guy sneaks from behind, lies down on the floor and looks up her skirt, while she was attending to a customer. The security caught this on camera and arrested the guy..

I guess it would make more sense now...

kunaal said...

ok. got the law's viewpoint.
but acc to me it is diff from stealing.
there is no material or emotional loss ever - if the person atared at does not know.
it should be legal to stare without other person knowing it.
ami talking about spying and voyeur??

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

Read more about
1. Piracy and the whole debate -- Matrial or emotional loss
2. blanknoise project and other such feminist organisations

I ll leave it at this: invasion of privacy

Rajan Prasad said...

yeah.. it is written in trains... but legally, it is not punishable. if u intend that person to know dat u r staring, then i cant say.. but say, a girl walks by, u stare at her... that is perfectly legal.... i can assure you...

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