Saturday, December 1, 2007

I have always disliked most of the religious Gurus and God-men for every reason I can. Even then, this is shocking . Art of Living has encroached upon over 6 acres of land in Bangalore and that too around its ashram.

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I this the Art of Living?


kunaal said...

lets call it the "farce of living"

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

I prefer (f)art of living..

kunaal said...

that has already beeen taken.
belongs to a very particular individual who took 'art of living' to digusting lengths....

Niyati Bhatt said...

Sooo??? How does that matter to YOU????

It was built by Art Of Living Organization – not by Gurudev.

Second thing – It was not a one day process to build an Ashram!! As organization grown, it was needed to expand the area to accommodate people coming to visit the place.

Simple rule of Economics – Demand n Supply!!!

Devotees from all around the world keep coming to the ashram to attend events, n we need to provide them accommodation!!!

Visit the ashram during Navratri n you’ll find it TOTALLY packed. Totally Full!! I’m not exaggerating... 6 acres of land‘ll be totally full by devotees!! N we still need to expand its area as the space is NOT ENOUGH!!!

Gurudev doesn’t want a big n royal place for him to stay in. If you check out his schedule, you’ll find him hardly for 2/3 months a year in the Ashram. It’s a place for his disciples. N it was built by his disciples.

That was all about - Why the ashram is so big!!!

Now Read this ----

In Initial days of AOL – in early 80’s, there were hardly 2/3 buildings in the ashram.
Those buildings don’t even have concrete roof. Water wud drop from the roof during monsoon and can’t imagine staying there in summer.

Guruji used to stay in one of those buildings.
They are still there in the Ashram. You can personally go n check that out.

I’m associated with the organization for more than 5 years; n “I” know how simple my master is. I’ve never seen HIM asking for any royal treatment. (If you want i can list out my experiences - what i've seen in front of me.)

His disciples are from each corner of society. N it can not be his fault that even rich people follow him.

If somebody is starving and you buy him some food, he’ll simply adore you. You’ll be a God sent for that person.

But here, the case is not only about buying food n blankets. Along with that; it’s about giving millions a smile and a reason to live a life, supporting them morally. Definitely Gurudev is Messiah for all of them. N if some of these people are millionaires, they’ll treat/serve him accordingly!!! He’d never asked for somebody’s money or time or anything.

If you don’t like this organization, fine - don’t be a part of it. Simple!!!

I do respect you n your feelings. N I don’t have personal grudges against you. Your hatreds for my Gurudev have nothing to do with me.

But if you want to criticize something, know it first. Without knowing the particular thing, you don’t have a right to utter a word against anybody. N I’ve never learnt to tolerate such kinda shit.

Yours was tau not even criticism!!
“Farce of living”, “(F)art of living” … n blah blah blah!!!
What kinda absurd words you’ve used!!!
Where’s the dignity dude?

Criticism has to be constructive. It’s of no use o/w. Just wastage of time n energy.

Dude, I’m telling you - You don’t even know 10% of what AOL is.

Read replies to Bhamy’s article by a friend of mine – Rikhav Acharya (Posted on 03/04/2008). Also read what Rocky has to say (Posted on 30/03/2008).

You may get to know a li’l bit more about AOL.

N After reading that, if you still wanna explore – Here’s the Address:

Information Center, Opp. Vishalakshi Mantap,
21st Km kanakpura road, Udyapura,
South B’glore.

(Last stop of B’glore is Bansankari. You can easily get bus for the ashram from that place. Get down at gate no. 5, and ask Watch man – he’ll guide you through.)

Pardon me for being rude, using harsh words. N so sorry if you ever felt it was insulting or hurting. There was no such intension. But I can not tolerate anything that’s totally wrong. Simply can not!!!

Take care…

Niyati Bhatt.

You don’t perceive things as THEY ARE; You always perceive things as YOU ARE

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