Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I have always maintained that violence/anger is more-often-than-not a sign of a person's or an organization's insecurity. The terrorist organizations, VHP, Shiv Sena are more than apt examples of my theory.

Maybe they just dont believe in the Indian legal system. Why else would Shiv Sena activists vandalize the houses of the lawyers who came forward to defend Kasab? (1)

They have nothing to fear:
History has shown us on more than just one occasion that in the high profile cases the courts rule in favor of the common man's opinion ( we are a democracy after-all), remember the Jessica Lal murder case. I dont see why the Shiv Senaactivists would want to vandalize the homes of their own people.

This is a case that will get all the media attention in the world. And there is no reason why the courts would not punish Kasab, there is no chance for any lawyer to even come close to "winning " the case. The only reason why lawyer would take up this case- media attention and the free publicity. The poor lawyers are anyways getting the attention thanks to Shiv seniks ransacking their houses.

Usually, I would have supported Kasab's right to a fair trail. Actually I do so even now. But this case is an "open and shut" case. Infact the president of India should superceeded the legal proceedings and save all the time that the jury, media, public will waste on this case. 

Will write more on the case as soon as more legal aspects come out. That is if the Shiv Seniks allow the case to continue.

BTW, This is whatI picked up the title from.


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