Sunday, March 30, 2008

Much has been said/written/discussed about the controversy in question.
a number of politicians, journalists, columnists have blamed Fiona for here daughters death(1). Some, actually, believe that Fiona deserves what she got. Others believe that it is the Goan Police and politicians who should punished for Scarletts death.(1)

I agree with both.

The cops are to be blamed. It is and has been known that drugs are easily available in Goa. It is just a matter of common sense that drugs can be this easily available in a state if and only if the cops and politicians are hand in glove with the drug-mafia. The cops would have had obvious vested interest in keeping the Scarlett rape-murder under wraps and therefore they did the what they did.

Fiona IS responsible for her daughters death. (Jon Stock does not agree. Please read). I agree that Fiona was a liberal mother, she chose to give her daughter a lot more freedom than parent usually would want too. Fair enough this was Fiona's style of parenting and as there is no one right style of parenting, Fiona's style is acceptable. The fact that so many people believe that Fiona got what she deserved is that the heart-of-a-relationship between Fiona and Scarlett is quite different from that between most Indian parents and their children. even then, by no standards is leaving a 15 year old in :
1.a foreign land (India)
2. with a rather questionable reputation esp. when it comes to safety of women, drugs, rapes
3. an then, Goa which is rather infamous for its booze, drugs culture*.
Shouldn't the fact that policing of a region is rather ineffective make a parent even more concerned about his/her child's safety in that place?

I guess a more sensible Fiona could have avoided this situation but that does not mean that the rapists, cops are any less responsible than they would have been if the rape would have happened in any other situation whatsoever. They should very well be taken to task and be tried, suspended, fired what ever the need be.

I think negligent/naive parenting and unfortunate circumstances led to Scarletts raped, murder and bad policing led to an unfair trail and hidden evidences.

* I don't not believe that Alcohol, drugs is the root of all evil.
Nor do i believe that the people who party/drink are ameer baap ki bhigadi aulads, with no moral standards. But I do realise that alcohol can cause people to lose control and hence they might indulge in activities they would have been more cautious about, otherwise.


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Anonymous said...

It is COMPLETELY RETARDED to blame Fiona for Scarletts death.
We should be blaming the RAPIST and MURDERER.

When a pensioner is raped/murdered do we blame negligent parenting? NO!
How about a woman being raped at a bus stop in broad daylight in central London?

All women are potential rape and murder victims from the day they are born till the day they die.

It can happen anywhere!!!!!

Blogger Bhaiyya said...


When a pensioner is raped/murdered do we blame negligent parenting? NO!

WE dont put the blame on negligent parenting coz that is not the cause..

I agree :
We should be blaming the RAPIST and MURDERER.

However, as you might have heard better safe than sorry.

A sensible person should not have left his/her minor daughter with an unknown person in an unknown land.

Anonymous said...

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