Sunday, February 10, 2008

This show in question started a few months back with electing representatives from various part of the country to compete for the being the country most respected leader. This is one reality show that I genuinely enjoyed watching: the finesse with which Kaura, Dey completed each of the task assigned to them or the babu-panti which was so evident every time Abha Singh came anywhere in the focus of the camera. The best thing was this show was asking the educated strata of the society to vote for educated leaders primarily on their leadership ability.

I dint know that Lead India guys had something else in mind.

Sometime ago Dey got kicked out of the show this came as a shock to me. Then last week or the week before that Kaura got kicked out..Now this doesn’t make sense at all. I thought thought these 2 people were definitely the strongest leaders on the show.

Nanavati, Misra, on the other hand, were no where even close to decent ended up as finalists.

(The last 2 paras are my personal opinion- they do not necessarily state what the nation feels, it could just be fair that Nanavati and Misra are finalists)

I saw this advt in today mornings TOI (TOI is the main sponsor and the brains for LeadIndia "Initiative". This advt asked all people in Karnataka to vote for “their leader” Misra and ensure his victory in the finals. The advt manged to create a sense of urgency as it emphasised “last 2 days to results”.
In small font, the bottom of the advt read: ” Cost Rs 7 / Min”

What the TOI guys get from this:
1. Score on the public image front- We are doing so much for the country
2. Mint money by pitting- Gujjus vs Kanadda or even better IT Vs Non-IT

Now this makes more sense to me, Gujarati public, in general, is generous with using their cellphones. And when it is a matter of their Gujju Identity they will be more than just happy to vote for their Nanavati-bhai.

Also, don’t we all know the halat in Bangalore, IT + technonlgy+ lot of money+ most kids feel they should do something for the country (deadly mixture).

SAD. Aint it?


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